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Taurus: April 20th - May 20th

Our hand-thrown and hand painted plates make the perfect gift for a Christening, or a birthday gift for a new baby. The Taurus plate features a cow, and you can choose from 3 border colours. Please include the info you would like on the plate in the box provided when you check out (name, weight, D.O.B etc)

As these plates are handmade, the plate dia. is approx 27cm. / 13 inches. Painted using glaze paints.

Handmade Personalised Taurus Christening Plate

Border Colour
  • Handmade and painted by Barbara Winrow in her pottery studio in North Wales. Glaze ware takes around 10 days to make as it has to dry thoroughly before firing. Then is in the kiln for 24 hours after this it is decorated, dipped in glaze and fired again for another 24 hours. So please call or email Barbara if you need something made for a specific date.

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