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PAINTING - We are open 7 days a week, so if you ever feel like getting creative, we have a warm welcome waiting for you! It's a common misconception that painting pots is just for kids; over the 40+ years that we have been running a 'paint your own' studio, we continue to see people of all ages being surprised and delighted by the amount of enjoyment it brings. Not only is it therepeutic, taking you out of yourself for a good few hours, you can create something with your own hands that you could never buy in a shop! Make something for yourself, create a memory of a trip, or a unique gift for a loved one. All year round, we have a wide range of ceramic items to paint, including seasonal shapes at Valentines, EasterHalloween and Christmas


Prices start at approx £2.50 for small pieces, and go right up to approx £30 for the largest pieces, making the activity suitable for all budgets. Shapes include tea-light holders, hanging decorations, many different kinds of money banks (including pigs, of course), windchimes, plates, night-lights, garden ornaments, figurines, wall plaques, clocks and so on. Each item is individually priced and this includes the use of paints, sponges, brushes, apron, glue, glitter, sequins and even wobbly eyes!

Take your painted masterpieces away with you on the day, or you can leave them with us to varnish and collect the next day (costs £1) - this seals in and brightens the colour. Also to paint we have slates, canvases, masks, pebbles, horseshoes, plantpots, key rings etc. All items are subject to availability, but we can assure you of a wide range!

THROW A POT - While you are here, you might also like to throw your own pot! This costs £7.50 and you can take the pot away with you on the day, or leave it with us to be glazed and fired for an extra £4. If you live locally, we will call you to let you know when it is ready for collection, or we can post to anywhere in the UK for £5, no matter how many pots your group makes. Don't worry if you have never made a pot before, Barbara will guide you through the process, giving step-by-step instructions, ensuring that you will end up with something to be proud of! If you decide to take your pot away with you on the day, you will need to leave it for a few days to dry thoroughly before painting, and we would recommend sealing it with clear yacht varnish. It will not hold water but will still be very durable; we've had unfired pencil pots last for years! Note: Compared to painting pots, which can take some people all afternoon, throwing a pot is a fairly quick process (approx 7mins), this is because clay becomes soggy and collapses if mixed with water for too long. This is something to bear in mind if you are looking to keep your group occupied for some time!


Finally, if you are visiting specifically to throw a pot, to avoid disappointment, please give us a ring on 01286 871931 before you set out to make sure that Barbara will be there that day. You can also book a slot by emailing:

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