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We plan to re-open for pottery painting on August 3rd 2020. Pottery painting sessions must be booked online in advance and each session lasts for 2 hours. Please visit our online booking system to select and book the date and time of your visit. Read on to find out more about the changes we've made to help you feel safe and relaxed during your time with us, and what to expect when you visit. We look forward to seeing you!


Please arrive five minutes early for your booked session, and wait at the Piggery Pottery shop entrance. A member of staff will greet you at the door and show you to your booth. In line with current Government guidance, and for the comfort of all customers, a FACE COVERING MUST BE WORN when entering the Pottery and moving around inside the building. Face coverings can be removed once seated at your table. Children under 11 years of age are not required to wear a face covering. All members of staff will be wearing masks/PPE. We also ask that you apply hand sanitiser (provided by a wall-mounted dispenser) before entering the Pottery building.



To help all of our customers to feel safe and relaxed, we’ve reduced the number of tables in the Pottery. We now have ten individual booths, and each sits up to five people. Everything will be waiting for you in your booth (paints, brushes, water, aprons etc.). When you are ready, you can select a pot from a large selection, as usual, and pay at the counter. Contactless payments are available. Each booth has its own bell, so you can attract our attention if you need anything, or have any questions!



This year, we’ve closed the ‘sit in’ section of our café, and we’ll be offering table service instead. Simply ring the bell in your booth, and we’ll come to your table to take your order of drinks and snacks. We’ll bring everything over to you when it’s ready!



To keep things simple, we’re keeping only one toilet open for all customers the foreseeable future. This will be the disabled toilet, as it is self-contained, with its own sink and hand drying facilities, and has one way in and out. We’ve added a hand sanitiser pump to the wall outside, and suggest that you sanitise your hands before and after using the facilities, in addition to washing your hands. A member of staff will check on the toilet regularly to clean, and ensure toilet roll, hand sanitiser, soap etc. are all topped up.



Each slot booked is for 2 hours of painting. Please stick closely to this schedule, as we need to have enough time to safely clean up and sanitise each booth before the next group arrive. We have placed bags, boxes and paper sheets near the exit, so you can wrap up your masterpieces yourself, before you leave. Morning sessions run from 10am – 12noon. Lunchtime sessions run from 12.30pm – 2.30pm. Afternoon sessions run from 3pm – 5pm.



We’re operating a one-way system within the main Pottery building, with one entrance and one exit. Floor markings highlight the one-way system, and marks on the floor also encourage social distancing between customers. The potter's wheel will be closed for the foreseeable future. 


The pottery shop will also be open from August 3rd (booking is for painting activities only), if you would like to buy any pottery or 'paint your own' kits. However as the shop is small, we've added some floor stickers to encourage social distancing and we kindly ask that you wear a face covering when inside the shop.

This is very new to us all, so if you have any worries or questions before arriving - or on the day - please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to help! Any feedback on how you find the new changes would also be much appreciated. You can call Barbara on 01286 871931 or email hello@piggery

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